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Finally the winter is behind us!

From now on the days are longer and the colours of nature start appearing around us.

The trees blossom and the green surfaces.

What I love about spring is the fact that no matter how hard winter was

Once the days gets warmer and longer

Immediately we (as an environment) - exposed to the sun -

We respond to that!

I want to make you a proposal...

Have you ever notice how nature looks dead in winter??

Next time you go for a walk, try to get more connected to nature and it's strength.

Regardless of how winter treats us

We should NEVER give up!

There is always a new day, month and season to come!

I wish the upcoming days, months and season

Bring us new intentions, new motivation, new goals.

Let's allow new light and new beginnings to our lives.

Until the next one!

With love,


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