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Brow this way - Eyebrow Pencil

Brow this way - Eyebrow Pencil

  • Built-in brush
  • Long-wear formula
  • Smudge-proof


Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil is here to give your brows some wow; filling, defining and grooming those arches to perfection. We all know brows are the frame to your face, so having the right eyebrow makeup is a must for perfect brow styling. The answer? This all-in-one wonder that works with every single brow shape. Whether you’re dealing with sparse patches, building up the boldness or getting full arches in line, the double-ended pencil - with a built-in brush - has your best brow look covered. 

The finish is pro but the technique is easy, with the brush end allowing you to sweep through strands, tease them into shape and - when you're done - lightly blend for the most believable definition. Then, the eyebrow pencil delivers fullness that's totally natural-looking, allowing you to etch in hair-like strokes for an 'I woke up like this' effect. The formula is ultra-creamy, making application a breeze, and it's even ophthalmologist tested, so it's suitable for those with sensitive skin. 

Find your shade from a collection of three adaptable colours. Rimmel's easy-to-use eyebrow pencil comes in Black for dark, striking brows, Dark Brown for rich, natural colour and Hazel to suit lighter hair. Take your pick and glide on for arches that say 'take a brow, I'm flawless'.

Dark Brown for rich and natural colour: brown
Hazel to suit lighter hair: hazel
  • Here's how to get dream brows every time...

    Ready to put Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil through its paces? 

    • Step 1: Use the eyebrow pencil's built-in brush to sweep strands upwards and outwards. This helps to reveal your natural brow shape and any uneven patches you might want to fill.
    • Step 2: Make sure your brow pencil is sharp. Then, using short, upwards strokes, start filling eyebrows in the direction of hair growth, focusing on sparse areas.
    • Step 3: For extra definition, add a little more shading through the arch, making sure you don't go too heavy at the tips or inner corners. 
    • Step 4: Brush through brows again to blend colour, soften lines and groom into the perfect shape. And, you're done!
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